Monday, July 10, 2023

Havertown Physical Therapist Bad News

I am deeply troubled by the actions of a physical therapist who publicly claimsto be a "expert in myofacia release" after taking a weekend course. Thats not good @ all. He is clearly a name dropper & uses people for stepping stones. . Now I realizewhy he works independently by himself  for himself so he doesn't have to have any accountability whatsoever & is able to change his story to suit his personal agenda along with his personality.  The guy is straight out of a horror movie that gets off on portraying himself as Mr Squeaky clean but in actuality he has the potential of being a very sinister & calculating individual.   he intentionally caused harm to me during one session on April 23, 2019. He used his elbow in both my hips causing tremendous harm to me personally with absolutely no regret whatsoever which is a huge red flag.  He refused to communicate with me and that speaks volumes about him as a professional and a person.  He is one scary individual who has several faces 😳  and he can change in a minute without notice; not a good mix when he is out there treating people hands on!! If only I had a chance to get out before he hurt me my life would be better but now I'm not ever going to be the same & a guy like that is not to be trusted doing work like that no way no how!!  He belongs in a locked cage; he's very much like a jekyll hide character. 

To make matters worse, he modishonestly altered my medical records, falsely stating that I had difficulty walking when I had full mobility prior to seeing him. All the people that know me  knew it then & they know it now.  Who does he think he is and what was his motive?  He has to be one seriously sick individual; therapy doesn't help a person like that and ya know why?  Because he is clearly classic sicko & I believe in time the mask will come off & his true self will be revealed..

 The therapist's use of his elbow on both of my hips resulted in severe harm. It is my firm belief that he does not deserve to be working in the field when there are so many fine people out there who have devoted their lives to helping others rather than hurting someone like me just because they decided that they dont like you or some cowardly reasoning is "completely off the chain"   His actions demonstrate a lack of integrity and disregard for the profession at large. He wouldn't like it.  I trust that karma will address this situation accordingly.

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