Saturday, June 1, 2024

Orthopedic Hustlers

 In its simplest form ethics by definition comes down to Human duty to inform to be honest with no hidden agenda & to put all of your cards on the table; in other words to have complete transparency allowing the patient to make an informed  decision before any surgery not after they screw you up & say the x-ray looks good to me in spite of their failure to do their basic duty as a doctor & descent human being but its really not happening these days. Ethics is practically non existent especially in orthopedics & physical therapy    it is a charade & more often than not a big phoney act where they all should be awarded an Oscar for their failing performances.  They're a bunch of BAD ACTORS. They're a pathetic bunch of losers going out of their way to keep their personal acts going. 

More often than not it is becoming greed over ethical care in the  best interest of the patient. Remember money talks but especially in medicine.  They form ethical societies to look good creating foundations to look good & make more money. 

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